Reviews (Updated 5/31/18 )

Please note that as of 12/02/2018, no more review will be posted to the Rainy Thursdays website.

All reviews can be found on Goodreads as well as most retailers were the novels are sold.

All previous done review will slowly be taken down although this list will remain with the links updated to their Goodreads’ pages.

This is a comprehensive list of all the reviews I have written as I still wanted to make a list so that they are all visible at a glance.

They are organized by the authors’ last names.

Double Your Pleasure Mega Bundle Boxset

5 Second Reviews

    • Dane, Lauren – Reluctant Mate
    • Hill Skylar – Nothing New
    • Hopkins, Mia – Cowboy Karma
    • Lynn, Stacey – His To Cherish
    • Reese, Sweden – The Southern Gentleman
    • Stein, Charlotte – Frostbitten

Anders, Ann – The Boy Next Door
Anderson, Evangeline – Claimed (Brides of the Kindred #1)
Anderson, Evangeline – Daddy Issues (The Institue #1)
Anderson, Evangeline – Masks

Bailey, G. – Runes of Truth (A Demon’s Fall #1)
Barker, Kira – The Girl and the Vampire (The Embassy #1)
Barker, Kira – Opposites Attract (The Embassy #6)
Barnes, Sophie – Christmas at Thorncliff Manor
Barren, Jynne – Widow’s Wicked Wish
Bennet, Anna – The Rogue is Back in Town
Blacketer, Kirsten – Jewel of Winter (Thieves of Winter #1)
Blacketer, Kirsten – Under Winter’s Control (Thieves of Winter #3)
Blacketer, Kirsten – Mississippi Moonshine
Bowlin, Chastity – The Haunting of a Duke (Dark Regency #1)
Braun, Amy – Crimson Sky
Bradley, Anna – Lady Eleanor’s Seventh Suitor
Brimble, Rachel – Victorian Romances
Burke, Darcy – Duke of Ruin (Untouchables #8)

Campbell, Glynnis – Captive Heart (Warrior Maid of Rivenloch #2)
Carew, Opal – Heat
Chase, Alyson – Disciplined by the Duke
Chase, Deanna = Haunted on Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun #1 )
Clarke, Marissa = Chance of a Lifetime
Collins, Madison = Stranded With My Stepbrother
Conn, Claudy = Netherby Halls
Cooney, Caroline B. – Goddess of Yesterday

du Lys, Cerys – Hunted

Forward, Zoey – The Way You Bite
Foster, Melissa – Truly, Madly, Whiskey
Fox, Cathryn – House Rules (Dossier #2)
Fox, Jessa =Virgin Auction
Frost, Jeaniene – The Brightest Embers (Broken Destiny #3)

Gee, Emily – Thief with No Shadow
Grove, Scarlett – Bear Witness (Bear Wardens #1)
Grove, Desirae = Kynan (Regisville Tales #2)

Haag, M.J. = A Beastly Tale
Hartl, Tamara = Dark Lord of Kismera
Haskell, Megan – Sanyare: The Rebel Apprentice (Sanyare Chronicles #3)
Healy, Caroline – Wolf’s Mirror, The
Hurley, Katherine – The Griever’s Mark (Griever’s Mark #1)

in60Learning – Hatshepsut: The Pharoah Queen of Egypt

Jarema, Sabrina – Lord of the Seas
Joyce, Tracy M. – Asena Blessed (Altaica #2)

Kane, Decadent – Dark Burn (Fated & Forbidden #5)
Katemi, Jen – Breaking the Rules (Forbidden Series #4)
Kelly, Elizabeth – Red Moon (Red Moon #1)
Kelly, L.T. = Kissing Katie
Kent, Lavinia – Sarah’s Surrender (Bound and Determined #2.5)
Kruppa, Kristine – 27 Days to Midnight ()

LeFay, Amelia – Anatomy of Jane (WJM #1)
LeFary, Liana – Scandal of the Season
Lyons, Heather – Collecter’s Society (Collector’s Society #1)

Mathews, Ashlyn – Wolf’s Red
McBride, Belinda – Toxic (Truckee Wolves #1)
McCoy, Katie – Play Me
McIntyre, Katherine – Stolen Petals
Miller, Kristin – Snow’s Seduction #1
Monk, Camilla – Spotless (Spotless #1)
Monk, Camilla – Beating Ruby (Spotless #2)

Naughton, Elizabeth – Hunted
Neuval, Sylvain = Sleeping Giants
Nix, Susannah – Intermediate Thermodynamics (Chemistry Lessons #2)

Quincy, Diana – The Duke Who Ravished Me (Reckless Bride #4)

Reid, Penny – Beauty and the Mustache
Risata, Grace – My Dirty Detour
Risata, Grace – Nights in the Fast Lane
Rivera, Roxie – Ivan (Her Russian Protect #1)
Rivard, Rebecca – Seducing the Sun Fae (Fada Shapeshifter #1)
Rivard, Rebecca – Claiming Valeria (Fada Shapeshifter’s #2)
Rivard, Rebecca – Tempting the Dryad (Fada Shapeshifter #3) 
Rocha, Kit – Beyond Shame (Beyond #1)
Rossi, Adriana – Bought & Paid For (Servicing the Billionaire)
Russel, Geri – Warrior’s Bride (Stones of Destiny #1)
Ryan, Kendell – xo, Zach
Ryan, Kendell – Sexy Stranger
Ryan, Carrie Ann – Inked Expressions (Montgomery Ink #7)
Ryleigh, Addie Jo – Once Upon a Lady

Saint-Ange, Alexia – The Cost of Pleasure & Sexotherapy
Saint Clair, Nick = F-You! by Nick Saint Clair
Savage, Vivienne = Saved by the Dragon
Schmidt, Jamie K. – The Handy Men
Shalvis, Jill – The Trouble With Mistletoe
Simpson, Donna Lee- The Debutante’s Dilemma (Classic Regency Romance #16)
Sinclair, Julia – The Marquess’ Angel (Hart and Arrow #1)
Skye, Auriella – Alpha Warlocks’ Own
Smith, Lauren D.M. – Enveloping Shadow
Solka, Maria – My Dream Man

Tyson, Neil deGrasse – Death By Black Hole

Vale, Vanessa – Their Wayward Bride
Valentine, J.C. – Forbidden Valentine
Vella, Wendy – Duchess by Chance (Regency Rakes #1)

Watson, Elizabeth – An Earl for the Archeress
Williams, Harmony, – How To Ruin Your Reputation in 10 Days

Zanetti, Rebecca – Wicked Bite
Zanetti, Rebecca – Tangled

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