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Shown below are the three novels I have reviews for this month’s issue.

Below are the three novels I will reviewing for October’s Issue.

InD’tale Magazine

I am not sure that I have ever mentioned that I write book reviews for the online magazine InD’tale. It is a free monthly magazine filled with interesting literary related articles as well as author interviews and loaded with reviews. What makes it most noteworthy, in my opinion, is that they work almost exclusively with indie authors.

As a reviewer for them, I have discovered many amazing authors, novels, and series I may not have discovered otherwise. The literary field is not an easy one, and I personally feel that InD’tale is a lovely tool both for readers and authors alike. I highly recommend it (and not just because I write reviews for it.)

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Artgerm Artbooks

Not sure I ever conveyed how much I love Artgerm. His artwork is so beautiful and I feel like it doesnt oversexualize his female subjects.

I am proud to say I finally own some of his artbooks. I wish I could put onto words how much that thrills me. Not to mentioned they’re signed. I’m dying, guys.

My Bookshelf: [un]Divine by Ayme Sotuyo

My Bookshelf is a feature in which I showcase items I personally feel are special on my bookshelf. Whether it be book related, a signed copy, special edition, or other such things, they are items I want to specifically showcase. 

There are 2 things about me I am not sure I have ever properly conveyed. 1)I am obsessed with artbooks. 2) I adore online/original/indie comics.

One such comic that I adore is [un]Divine by Ayme Sotuyo. I actually found it through Kickstarter when I stumbled across her side comic, Hot Day. After reading through the description, I backed it before going to the original comic and bringing the whole thing in one day (it had all over 300 pages at the time.) Read More

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