Review Policy

Review Requests: Open


My TOP genres: Erotica, romance, paranormal, sci-fi/fantasy, horror

I will NOT accept: Nonfiction, religious, New Adult,YA  


  • Any publisher (indie vs big name publisher)
  • Will post by deadline if given, otherwise ASAP
  • Reviews always posted to Goodreads/Amazon
  • I reserve the right to decline any offer



To those interested in requesting a review, the following are my guidelines:

– I reserve the right to decline a review offer

– I accept all novels regardless of who published it (indie v. big name company.)

– I accept all formats including EPUB, PDF, and physical copies.  

– If it is an ARC, I will publish my review on or as near to the release date as I can. Otherwise, unless given a specific deadline, I will post a review as soon as I am able.

– I reserve the right to not finish your book for whatever reason which can include the book simply not being a good fit for me, I could not finish it, or I had something in my personal life happen. I do this as a hobby though I understand what reviews mean to authors. Therefore, I will try to stay in contact with you. If I am able to post a review, just a later date, I will. I will never not review your book simply because I do not feel like it or “just wanted a free book.”

-Be aware that not all the books I review will be posted on my blog. That being said, I will always post to at least Amazon and Goodreads.

– Be advised that each review is my honest opinion and thus has the potential to be negative. I will never intentionally be malicious but will not shy away from problems I had with a book. Be aware that if you send me a complimentary copy of a book for an honest review, that does not guarantee a positive or glowing review. If it is an ARC, I will hold off any negative reviews until after release day so as to not negatively affect its release. 
If you cannot take constructive criticism, please do not ask me to review your book.