While I started this blog to feature book reviews, tours, etc., I am also an avid gamer and opinionated human being who likes to share said opinion. Below is a list of features and projects Rainy Thursdays offers in addition to book reviews.

5 Second Reviews are reviews that are short and sweet. While I still have an opinion on them, typically there isn’t much to be said.

Cloud 9 My version of those “Top 10” posts you see floating around the internet. Instead of ten items, there are, of course, nine.

DNF’d   Stands for “Did not finish.” These are posts referring to books I have DNF’d and why.

Maker’s Monday is a feature on Rainy Thursdays where I showcase creations I have personally made. Similar to WIP Wednesday, Makers’ Monday only includes completed projects.

Storm in a Teacup  Perspective posts where I give my opinion typically about a controversial topic or in true “hot take” fashion.

They Wrote What? Let’s be honest, sometimes people write things…they maybe shouldn’t have? This is a page dedicated to all the weird, silly, and just plain wrong things that authors sometimes write. Readers beware!

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