Makers’ Monday

Makers’ Monday is a feature on Rainy Thursdays where I showcase creations I have personally made. Similar to WIP Wednesday, Makers’ Monday only includes completed projects.

While I have scarce free time, I have many hobbies that including reading, writing, crochet and cross stitch as well as other crafts and art.

This week, for my first official post, I want to show my first ‘big’ cross stitch that I ever completed.

I have loved Totoro and Studio Ghibli for as long as I can remember. I watched it so long ago that I watched the English dub released by Fox before Disney got its mitts on it.

I found this pattern, as well as many others, on a website called Zibbit (which I now can’t seem to locate…) Prior to starting this project, I had only done one other which was a kit I bought from Walmart and consisted of four words and a simple floral border. It was so simply a child could have done it.

And then I jumped straight into this project. I would like to point out that no one taught me cross stitch. I didn’t look up any videos on how to do it. Hell, I barely even looked at the simple instructions in the kit mentioned above.

That all being said, I was -am- hella proud at how this piece turned out. For having no guidance and minimal instruction, through no fault but my own, I think it turned out great. I remember starting the project at my mother’s house, and screwed up the back so horribly that my mother started hysterically laughing to the point she was in tears. I was so embarrassed that I became determined to get better.

An absolute mess of a back

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