Some books have it. Some books don’t. Some books should have never made it to the light of day. Blacklisted is my list of novels that I more than simply didn’t like.

Those in red are the newest additions.

I apologize if you like any of these novels/authors, but I did not. I plan on writing individual posts for each eventually. Until then, if you are curious as to why or have anything to say at all, do not hesitate to say it!

Bennett, Veronica – Angelmonster
Blacio, Trinity = anything
Block, Francesca Lia  = anything

Cohn, Rachel = Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Despain, Bree = The Dark Divine
Douglas, Kate = anything & everything

Erwin, Sherri  = To Hell With Love
Eden, Cynthia = Mine to Take

Foster, L.L.  = The Servant Series

Hauf, Michelle = Her Vampire Husband

Maxxwell, Lexi = My Stepbrother, The Groom

Reyes, Alina = The Butcher
Rossi, Adriana = Servicing the Billionaire

Schone, Robin = Gabriel’s Woman

Vale, Vanessa = Bridgewater Menage Series

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