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In Case You Missed it: Steam Levels!

That’s right! Steam levels have now been added to my reviews. As I mainly review books with romance or erotic themes, even if they are sub/secondary genres, it seemed only fitting to finally implement them. Obviously, this will only be added to relevant reviews, so they may be markedly missing from certain reviews such as reference and craft books. A reference page has been set up that viewers can visit at any time, but I wanted to make a post as well.

Read on to learn more about my steam levels.

1 flame – No sex. Maybe some kissing.

2 flames – Sex may be present but it’s only alluded to. Some heavy petting/kissing, but no descriptions of sexual acts themselves.

3 flames– This is open-door sex that is described but usually with vague terms or innuendos. I.e. orgasms being described as “an explosion of stars” or female genitalia being called “their most secret place,” etc.

4 flames – Sex that is graphic and detailed, being described with blatant terms. While the sex has a large part or impact to the story, it is typically not the focus.

5 flames – Typically sex and nothing but. This is your erotica, sex focus stories, and stories so explicit, it would make porn stars blush. Language could be considered crude or vulgar, and, if there is any plot, it is only to progress the story.

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