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Review: Heat by Opal Carew

Carew_HeatRikki’s first love was a firefighter and after he died, she decided to protect her heart by pouring her desires into the novels she writes. When research on her latest book brings her to a firehouse, she’s determined to keep it professional, but these men are too hot and charming to resist. And when firefighters Simon and Carter make it clear they’re willing to help her fulfill her steamiest fantasies, Rikki realizes she’s going to lose more than just her cool.

As Simon and Carter help Rikki unlock her desires, she finds herself falling for both men. But how can she give them her heart when they can’t promise she won’t lose them too?

Heat is an erotic romance from bestselling author Opal Carew.

I tried to like this novel but it just fell short. I give 3 stars for the steamy sex scenes but that’s all I enjoyed about it. The heroine Rikki felt too whiny and obnoxious. I seriously felt like she needed to go see a therapist because she clearly has no coping mechanisms to speak of. The rest just felt cliché. A sexy fireman calendar, that pushy friend who speaks in sexual innuendos and thinks that everything can be solved by getting laid, and even a wet t-shirt shower seen. All in all, it felt like a porno come to life. If that’s your thing, then you will love this novel but don’t expect any depth. Though come to think of it, the author warns the reader of that.

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