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Review: Breaking the Rules (Forbidden Series #4) by Jen Katemi


If you’ve always lived by the rules, how can you fall for two men who live to break them?

Stacey Gamble had it all. The perfect life, perfect partner, perfect children. Or so she thought. Until her husband had a mid-life crisis and ran off with their housekeeper, the kids decided to follow, and life as she knew it tumbled into ruins at her feet.

But that was okay. She picked herself up and began a new life – by the rules – in a quaint country town. Just to her liking. Alone.

Her new neighbors, Teale and James, throw a wrench into her plans. Literally. When the two sexy men rescue Stacey from a broken-down car in the dead of night, their offer of a threesome experience is far too tempting to resist.

Teale and James challenge Stacey’s outlook and live-by-the-rules attitude. She soon finds herself in another crisis. A very provocative one.

And she isn’t prepared.

Because if you live by the rules, you can’t fall for two men who do everything to break them. Can you?

This is a short, standalone, menage a trois (MFM) romance in the Forbidden series by Jen Katemi. Contains lots of steamy sex plus a guaranteed happy ending.

An insta-lust ménage a trois brought about by unfortunate circumstances, Breaking the Rules hits the ground running. The scenes are graphic, as you would expect from a ménage a trois novella and the author wastes no time in jumping right into the foreplay.  Able to be read in one sitting, the story is a novella that the author tried to make well rounded by writing developed characters and a plot to push forward the story. Unfortunately, insta-lust doesn’t work for some readers and neither does DP for someone who has never done it before. It pulls the reader out of the story with its suddenness. The plot is also lackluster as the reader doesn’t feel any connection to the characters or their motivations. I couldn’t care about their tragedies and there was little chase in terms of the Teale and James pursuing Stacey.

In the end, Breaking the Rule is a guilty pleasure steamy read that won’t take up much of your time but keep your interest.

❧ Arec

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