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in60Learning: Hatshepsut: The Pharaoh-Queen of Egypt

41xxIpU5fEL._SY346_in60Learning is new publishing brand that produces historical and biographical works intended to be enjoyed within 60 minutes. I recently had the opportunity to read their piece Hatshepsut: The Pharaoh-Queen of Egypt and must say they are indeed a company I plan on revisiting again and again, especially when they come out with their promised science and technology pieces.

As a full-time travel nurse, I don’t have near as much time as I would like to read. That being said, I actually finished Hatshepsut in less than an hour. Written in an easy to read style that flows seamless, the tone is almost conversational, similar to that of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s works. It is appealing because the reader does not have to struggle to grasp the material and is not tripping over unnecessary jargon meant to make the work sound more scholarly. The writer takes a topic that can be heavy and boring, and makes it fascinating with little effort. I learned more in this piece’s 54 short pages than I have in entire textbooks.

The bottom line is that in60Learning took a great idea and delivered with a spot-on execution. In today’s society, people don’t have time or energy to waste on cumbersome books that are more textbook than anything. People are hungry for knowledge and this publisher has found a way to feed them.


You can check them out on Amazon where they have more piece about historical figureheads and occurrences. If you are interested in free content, promos, and updates, you can sign up for their LearningList.




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