Review: Mississippi Moonshine by Kirsten S. Blacketer


Alton, Illinois 1933

Virginia Chaplain dresses like a boy and looks a half a decade younger than her nineteen years. Her sharp tongue and bold confidence help her keep up with her six brothers. But life is hard in a small river town, and families do what they must to survive. Even if it’s illegal…like distilling moonshine and selling it.

British ex-patriot, veteran, and businessman Nathaniel Blackthorne dislikes complications. Especially the river rat daughter of his supplier who stows away on his steamboat when her family is attacked by one of his rivals. To ensure her safety, Nathaniel must transform Virginia into a lady and keep her close, without losing his heart or risking both of their lives.

With Blacketer’s signature humor and ability to write dynamic characters, Mississippi Moonshine is a delightful historical romance that needs to be added to your TBR list.

Set during the Prohibition era, MM follows a young woman who has never been far from home and the not-so-bad bad boy who brought everything she knew crashing around her. One thing I love about Blacketer is her ability to write strong and humorous females without sacrificing anything. Ginny is a fierce female lead with a kind heart who makes it difficult not to love. Then there is Pamela, a secondary character is independent and unapologetic in a time when women like her were shunned. In fact, I genuinely hope Pamela gets her own storyline because I would very much love to read it.

Both entertaining and heartfelt, Mississippi Moonshine is not just a story about a man learning to love again, but a woman coming into her own and finding her place in a world she’s been sheltered from all her life.

❧ Arec

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