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Ooops! Review: xo, Zach by Kendall Ryan

I realized the other day that I posted the tour for Ryan’s xo, Zach but I never added the review. I have done so now, but I also gave it it’s own post to make it more visible!

out of 5 stars

xoZachFBbannerNAI try to stay away from contemporary romance, especially if it appears the hero is a “bad boy.” However, Kendall Ryan has proven that she can not only write characters that are as interesting as they are dynamic, but also a story that is both engaging and fulfilling. Not to mention, Ryan is a master at chemistry. The pages practically caught fire any time Poppy and Zach were in the same room! Zach? Quite possibly one of the best heroes I have read in awhile. Thoughtful, sexy, romantic, and confident in his wants, Zach is likable from the very beginning. Poppy, however, can be frustrating at times with her wishy-washy attitude. I can understand her indecision, but after awhile it just because exasperating!’

Ryan once again proves herself a skilled writer of the contemporary romance genre. You definitely don’t want to miss her latest novel.

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