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Donna Lea Simpson: The Debutante’s Dilemma (Classic Regency Romances #16)


From the author of Lord Haven’s Deception comes a Regency romance celebrating the witty and romantic world that fans of Georgette Heyer have fallen in love with.

Pamela Neville is a free-spirited young beauty who has no intention of subjecting herself to the stifling restrictions of London society—until her grandmother lures her with an irresistible offer. The indomitable dowager promises to teach her everything she needs to know to elicit a proposal from Sir Colin Valens, the man Pamela has adored since childhood.

Soon Pamela is feigning the same coy disinterest of the other women of the ton—and catching Colin’s eye in the process—but the green-eyed gamine can only be demure for so long. And each time she indulges her more wild, carefree side, she runs headlong into the startlingly handsome Lord Strongwycke, who seems to find her entrancing just for being herself. Suddenly Pamela finds herself with the vexing dilemma of being pursued by two different gentlemen, and in what seems like the span of a heartbeat both men offer for her hand.

Now Pamela faces a choice between clinging to the dreams of a girl and a life that would allow her to live as the free spirit she longs to be.

This is a fully revised edition of a book originally titled Pamela’s Second Season.


I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

What an absolute delightful read! This is the second in the series and the second I have read from this author, but I feel this novel completely blew its predecessor out of the water! I was immediately in love with the main leads. I related to her a lot both in demeanor and values, and Strongwyke is among my favorite male leads for his patience and easy personality.  And to watch her and the lead fall in love was the most natural thing the world. I could understand the reader becoming frustrating with her indecision but I felt for truly and honestly.

This was a phenomenal novel I recommend to any fan of historical romance. The story is light and fluffy, filled innocent romance between two of the most deserving individuals I have ever read.  The plot is simple and straightforward, delightfully lacking of scandal and strife beyond following one’s own heart. It was a pleasure to revisited the couple from the first novel, who are very prominent in this novel as well without detracting from the lead couple.

I am still floored but how much I enjoyed this novel. I cannot wait to continue the series in hopes that the other ladies may have their happy endings as well.

❧ Arec

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