Updates 3/22/18

I would like to say I have been busy adding new content, but really I have been slacking and thus had a ton of updates to do. Most of it was just organizing content already posted

Firstly, I updated the Books’ Reviews Page! I had about a year’s worth of reviews to add to the list. I hadn’t realized I had gotten that far behind! They are all there now though. I was also thinking of adding the options to search by genre and star rating. I am still on the fence about it though. I know you can click on the tags to search but I feel putting them into lists would be nice. That being said, it will be a ton of work for me do. What do you guys think?

I also added a page for Video Game Reviews. I only have one right now but am working on many MANY more. I couldn’t add on that page without adding in a Video Games & Games Page as well.  My blog has been heavy on the literary content with only a few gaming posts thrown in. I plan on fixing that.

The Books & Reading tab also has two new pages under it: Author Interviews and They Wrote What? I only have one author interview with hopes to add more. That hope spawned a page just for it. They Wrote What? is a new feature dedicated to the ridiculous, humorous, and notable things authors write, from titles to synopses to passage.

The last page to be added is Kpop. While not a huge subject on my blog as it is not Kpop themed, I am still highly invested in it and it is had a vast impact on my life. I periodically post about it so I ended making a page for. They are few and far between though so they shouldn’t break up the theme of blog too much.

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