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My Bookshelf: [un]Divine by Ayme Sotuyo

My Bookshelf is a feature in which I showcase items I personally feel are special on my bookshelf. Whether it be book related, a signed copy, special edition, or other such things, they are items I want to specifically showcase. 

There are 2 things about me I am not sure I have ever properly conveyed. 1)I am obsessed with artbooks. 2) I adore online/original/indie comics.

One such comic that I adore is [un]Divine by Ayme Sotuyo. I actually found it through Kickstarter when I stumbled across her side comic, Hot Day. After reading through the description, I backed it before going to the original comic and bringing the whole thing in one day (it had all over 300 pages at the time.)

img_20200401_174005_7844907909034576072011.jpgThis came in the mail today. The book alone was $65 which I normally would feel is pretty steep for a book. But honestly, I didn’t hesitate. Not only was I thrilled about having the potential own a physical copy of a comic I was greatly in love with, but I am more willing to accept such a price from an indie author. 

10 out of 10 would buy again. The comic is top notch in terms of art and plot. And I am pretty sure I died a bit when I saw it was signed.



2 thoughts on “My Bookshelf: [un]Divine by Ayme Sotuyo

    1. Not going to lie, they’re among my favorite. Won’t pretend I won’t spend a bit extra for it either.

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