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Ladies of MCU Movie Posters

I wanted to share this since I didn’t even know most of these existed. In fact, the only one I have seen before was the Pepper Potts from Iron Man. I feel they deserve more attention, so here ya go! I will probably post more as I find them.

Upcoming Comic Movies

Sidequest: MCU Timeline

This is part of my Comics to Movie Sidequest. This is a cinematic timeline for all the Marvel movies and shows that have been released and are planned for release. I was going to type it all out but some lovely person made this image for the rest of the world’s benefit. I hope it helps […]
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The Struggle is Real

Sol’s Showroom: Captain America Cosplay

Look at this precious creature. He looks exactly like a very young, Steve Rogers who has not yet faced the uglies of the world. I love it!