Cloud 9

Cloud 9: Novels I Couldn’t Finish

Cloud 9 is a feature I do here at Rainy Thursdays twice a month. It is my version of those “Top 10” posts you see floating around the blogosphere. Instead of ten items, however there are, of course, nine.

3472820Fairytale – Cyn Balog
A perfect example of the novels that make me dislike the YA genre.

601403Angelmonster – Veronica Bennett
I have never had a novel put me in such a dark, down mood. I eventually just read the last chapter to see how it ended because I could not, for the sake of my mental health, continue.

11214727The Virtuoso – Grace Burrowes
Had I read this novel first, I probably would have loved it. However, I read it after the previous two novels in the trilogy. They are almost complete copies of each other. The protagonists are so similar they are interchangeable, and every plots follow the same format.

25373Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist – Rachel Cohn
This novel was such a cliché caricature of YA as a whole that I couldn’t get past the pretentious writing and vulgar language.

101483Wolf Tales – Kate Douglas
I can’t really condone, much less stomach, “erotica” that promotes rape and bestiality. This novel talked about both as if they were nothing more than a lovely way to spend your evening.

519034To Hell with Love – Sherri Erwin
I loathe novels where death is personified as a human, then falls in love with a true human. It always ends up with someone close to the true human dying, and, crushed, they blame death. It’s part of life. Get over it sweet cheeks,

9256225Web of Desire – Ray Gordon
Males have a very specific voice when it comes to writing sex. It feels more pornographic than erotic. This novel started off well, but quickly turned more pornographic than erotic. I was done when he but the female in a “nappy” and engaged in age play.

7025989Her Vampire Husband – Michele Hauf
Think of every cliché/caricature you have ever read about a werewolf/vampire novels with a “strong female lead.” Yup…

2536134Gone – Michael Grant
There wasn’t anything too bad about this novel. However, there not a single thing to keep my attention. It’s not a bad book. Just…unimpressive. I only have so patience for forcing myself to finish a novel.

Are there any novels that you just couldn’t finish?

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