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Ladies of Gaming

Just wanted to post this because all these ladies are amazing.

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I will forever be that player that says

"Man I hope this game doesn't have fall damage", as I step off a cliff, to take a short cut probably...

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Truth of the Matter

I thought this was pretty humourous. I am not sure of the original source.

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My first shiny Pokémon

My fiancé bought me Alpha Sapphire for our anniversary and I recently started playing it. Sapphire and Ruby are far from my favorite Pokémon games but I am enjoying the upgrade. But I am mainly excited about my first shiny Pokémon! I know it's nothing exciting but I am happy. Even if it is only… Continue reading My first shiny Pokémon

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Meet the Blogger: 10 Random Fact about Me as a Gamer

10 Random Fact about Me as a Gamer JRPGs are my favorite genre (but I think the Final Fantasy series is overrated.) I enjoy watching people play video games more than I enjoy playing them. I can't eat while playing any console. Phone games have kept me going when I have bouts of severe depression.… Continue reading Meet the Blogger: 10 Random Fact about Me as a Gamer