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Book Tour w/ Review: 27 Days to Midnight by Kristine Kruppa

Sometimes there are good novels. And then there are novel like this where you can read all the blood, sweat, and tears put into every word. If this sounds like a novel you would be interested in, I implore to not pass it up. Become caught up in Kruppa’s extraordinarily fantasy.

Review: Crimson Sky by Amy Braun

Title: Crimson Sky Series: Dark Sky Series #1 Author: Amy Braun Genre:  YA Steampunk, horror fantasy Publisher: Release Date: February 2nd 2016 Format: Ebook Source: ARC from BookReviewBuzz.com Pages: 240 Rating: 5 Stars   They’re always watching. They’re always waiting. They’re always starving… Ten years ago, the sky shattered and the Hellions emerged. No one was able to keep them from destroying the […]
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Review: Stolen Petals by Katherine McIntyre

Title: Stolen Petals Author: Katherine McIntyre Genre: Steampunk Romance, Pages: 65 Release Date: June 25th, 2015 Format: Ebook Source: Amazon Rating: 4 Stars

Sol’s Showroom: Steampunk Tinkerbell Cosplay

She isn’t the first to do a steampunk Tinkerbell, but Cosplay-Heronie is certainly among the best. The detail of her cosplay is just beautiful and meshes really well. I am a big fan of steampunk and Cosplay-Heronie did it perfectly. Source