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Sidequest: Behind the Mask: MGS Snake

In honor of my Fiance getting The Phantom Pain for his birthday, I actually stumbled across this image by accident and thought it would be a perfect addition to my Behind the Mask, Evolution Over Time series. You can look at the others here.

Sidequest: Behind the Mask_Lara Croft through the ages

Behind the Mask is a list filled with quick profile information for each character no matter how big or small. I like to keep it simple, however. You won’t find paragraphs upon paragraphs of information like you would on Wikipedia. They are just quick profiles with the most basic of information. Part of the Behind […]
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Sidequest: MCU Timeline

This is part of my Comics to Movie Sidequest. This is a cinematic timeline for all the Marvel movies and shows that have been released and are planned for release. I was going to type it all out but some lovely person made this image for the rest of the world’s benefit. I hope it helps […]
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