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When you just want to be petty…

I do a lot of beta and ARC reading. Based on my history and education, it's one of the few things I feel like I can do to help authors out. That being said, I have no problem not finishing books, even if it is an ARC, if I am not enjoying for any reason.  … Continue reading When you just want to be petty…

Storm in A Teacup

Storm in a Teacup: Rude

Saw this in an ad for a game called King's Knight and was immediately sadden and angered. As someone who plays a lot of mobile games, mainly RPGs, it upsets me to see pretentious words such as this. People have such close-minded opinions about mobile games that are, honestly, unfounded. Mobile games are held to a… Continue reading Storm in a Teacup: Rude


Book Club Blues

I have always loved the idea of a book club. I mean, I love books and I love talking about books. What could be better than a club specifically designed for reading and discussing books? Unfortunately, I just haven’t found one that suits me. Of course there are countless on the internet. Literally countless. I… Continue reading Book Club Blues

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Storm in a Teacup: Zelda v. Sheik

Apparently Bill Trinen came out the other day and officially confirmed that Zelda and Sheik are one in the same person. I knew that this was an argument among the fandom, but why is it even an argument? For starters, Sheik's first ever appearance is Ocarina of Time. At the end, we watch Sheik transform back… Continue reading Storm in a Teacup: Zelda v. Sheik