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My ferret broke

Not book related but we moved into a new house a couple days ago. The house was pretty hot and I look over to see this…

Tragic Suicide in Kpop

SHINee was there for me for a what I consider one of the worst times of my life.  When my entire world was crashing around me, SHINee was there to keep me grounded and find myself again. 


Lately, I have been in a video game slump. That’s not to say I have’t been playing. In fact,  I have been quite addicted to FFXIV which I have been playing with my husband and recently started playing Golden Sun Dark Dawn again.   No, my issue is I feel like I haven’t been posting about […]
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Blogging Buddies

I wanted you all the see my blogging buddies because they were being super cute tonight! The snake in the picture to the right is Ah Mu (Ah Muzen Cab) after the Mayan god of bees and honey. That is because he is a cinnamon lesser bee ball python. In the picture, he is literally […]
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When I am home alone…

I get lonely a lot when my fiance isn’t home. So I like to turn on the PS4 and just listen to the music because it is comforting.