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Sidequest: Behind the Mask_Old School NES

Behind the Mask is a list filled with quick profile information for each character no matter how big or small. I like to keep it simple, however. You won’t find paragraphs upon paragraphs of information like you would on Wikipedia. They are just quick profiles with the most basic of information. Part of the Behind […]
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Happy 30th Birthday Princess Peach

Choose that Pokémon !

This was a cute post that was floating around tumblr for awhile that I loved. The goal is to bold the name of the Pokémon  you prefer for whatever reason. I am not to write my reasons, but if you’re curious, don’t hesitate to ask! Charmander or Squirtle Arcanine or Ninetales Mew or Mewtwo Butterfree or […]
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Yesterday, I blogged my post for The Summer Reading Book Tage. Once I finished, I realized that I really wanted to do the same post only with video games instead of books. My fiancé and I actually worked on this post together and had a lot of fun! LEMONADE: Pick a game that started off […]
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Silver Lining

The other day, I noticed my 3DS is missing. I have searched for it everywhere, but I am unable to find it. As someone who mainly mobile games, this is heartbreaking. Not to mention how expensive a 3DS is. I still have my old DSLite, but I had games saved onto my 3DS as well […]
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