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Ladies of MCU Movie Posters

I wanted to share this since I didn’t even know most of these existed. In fact, the only one I have seen before was the Pepper Potts from Iron Man. I feel they deserve more attention, so here ya go! I will probably post more as I find them.

Cloud 9: Fandoms to Stay Out Of

Cloud 9 is a feature I do twice a month. It is my version of those “Top 10” posts you see floating around the blogosphere. Instead of ten items, there are, of course, nine. We are all fans of something. Most of you reading this are fans of reading. However, sometimes the fandom can ruin […]
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Upcoming Comic Movies

Sidequest: MCU Timeline

This is part of my Comics to Movie Sidequest. This is a cinematic timeline for all the Marvel movies and shows that have been released and are planned for release. I was going to type it all out but some lovely person made this image for the rest of the world’s benefit. I hope it helps […]
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Sol’s Showroom: Captain America Cosplay

Look at this precious creature. He looks exactly like a very young, Steve Rogers who has not yet faced the uglies of the world. I love it!