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Book Review: Warrior’s Bride by Gerri Russel

If you want a lovely read to warm your heart with complex characters who are realistic with faults and strength, this is definitely for you and I highly recommend it.

Review: Captive Heart by Glynnis Campbell

Captive Heart was worth every penny. Helena never lost her fiery spirit and was well-matched with the playful Colin. I think what I love most about this series is watching the couples grow to love each other. Despite their differences and disagreements, you can actually see and feel the love they develop for each other.

Storm in a Teacup: My Real Beef With Historical Romance Novels

I have a love/hate relationship with romance novels. As humans, we strive for acceptance, companionship, but mostly love. Anyone who says otherwise is probably a sociopath. Romance novels have always had a huge impact on the way couples perceive relationships, from sex to interpersonal… Continue Reading “Storm in a Teacup: My Real Beef With Historical Romance Novels”

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