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Review: Snow’s Seduction #1 by Kristin Miller

Hair black as a raven’s coat, skin as white as snow, lips as read as, blabitty-blah, blah, blah. If one more person calls me sweet and innocent, I’m losing my head. I’ve got more pressing matters to think about. Like the fact that our… Continue Reading “Review: Snow’s Seduction #1 by Kristin Miller”

Review: Hunted by Cerys du Lys

Title: Hunted Author: Cerys du Lys Genre: Fairy tale, erotica Release Date: June 12th 2015 Publisher: eXcessica Publishing Format: Ebook Source:NetGalley Pages: 326 Rating: 1 Stars Hidden in the woods sits a mansion. Rumors say it’s commanded by a beast-cursed man who crossed a witch nearly a century ago.… Continue Reading “Review: Hunted by Cerys du Lys”

Review: Beastly Tales Series by M.J. Haag

Title: Depravity (#1), Deceit (#2), & Devastation (#3) Series: Beastly Tales Author: M. J. Haag Genre:  Erotica Fairytale Retelling Release Date: January 26nd, 2015 Format: Ebook Source: Amazon  Pages: 42 Rating: 3 Stars Benella is concerned with two things-avoiding the two village boys who torment her and scrounging for food to help feed her… Continue Reading “Review: Beastly Tales Series by M.J. Haag”

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