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Review: Daddy Issues (The Institute #1) by Evangeline Anderson

Can Kink heal a Broken Heart? Detective Andi Sugarbaker is going to find out…the hard way. Searching for the source of the deadly new date rape drug, Please, Andi and her partner, Viktor Saltanov, must go undercover at the infamous Age Play resort, called… Continue Reading “Review: Daddy Issues (The Institute #1) by Evangeline Anderson”

Book Review: Masks by Evangeline Anderson

I still don’t know how I feel about this novel. I felt like the sex scenes in Claimed were much hotter, but Masks didn’t lack heat. However, she jumped into bed with him so quickly that it made my head spin. I am not saying anything against quick, anonymous sex, but it seemed out of character for her.

Book Review: Claimed by Evangeline Anderson

Bottom line, Claimed was an amazingly erotic novel about true love that hit me right in my heart. I loved the characters, loved the world, and can’t wait to read the rest of the series. I may break my rule and buy the next 3 because I really want to read them…

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