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Book Survey Challenge: Day 26 Zzz-Snatcher

I had to actually think about this one. Spotless kept me up literally all night (I finished around 5 a.m.). I think the last book to actually keep me up late though was either Claimed by Evangeline Anderson or Trials of Artemis by Sue London. Both are amazing books but completely different genres (negating the romance aspect…)

Book Survey Challenge: Day 13 Major Book Hangover Because Of

This is my challenge for October. Since it is only has 26 days, I chose to start it early. The original survey can be found at The Inky Corner. I modified it to fit my blog better. Feel free to join in! Day 13 Major Book Hangover Because Of: These are the most recent. They […]
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Book Review: Claimed by Evangeline Anderson

Bottom line, Claimed was an amazingly erotic novel about true love that hit me right in my heart. I loved the characters, loved the world, and can’t wait to read the rest of the series. I may break my rule and buy the next 3 because I really want to read them…