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Book Review: Warrior’s Bride by Gerri Russel

If you want a lovely read to warm your heart with complex characters who are realistic with faults and strength, this is definitely for you and I highly recommend it.

Book Review: My Dream Man by Maria Solka

Overall, I felt the novel was a mediocre. Everything about the novel made me feel that I had read or seen it somewhere else. Sam and Greg aren’t particularly likable or interesting characters. Their relationship honestly made me uncomfortable, and this is coming from someone who reads erotica. On that note, I will say that the erotic scenes were written very well. I almost wish there were more.

Book Review: Claimed by Evangeline Anderson

Bottom line, Claimed was an amazingly erotic novel about true love that hit me right in my heart. I loved the characters, loved the world, and can’t wait to read the rest of the series. I may break my rule and buy the next 3 because I really want to read them…

Review: Sarah’s Surrender

It may be a short story, but it was packed full of heat and emotion. At first, I thought this would be one of those novels where the protagonists are pig-headed and constantly misinterpreting each other, but was pleasantly surprised by when that wasn’t the case.

Book Review: Claiming Valeria by Rebecca Rivard

Rivard has done it again. Claiming Valeria is even better than the first!There were plot twists I was not expecting, and the plot itself seemed much more fleshed out and involved than the first novel.The Fada Shapeshifter Series is easily among some of the best romance series I have read. I can’t wait to see what Rivard has in store!