Why we need Oracle more than Batgirl

Even if you don’t read comics, the general public is aware of the existence of Batgirl. What they may not know, however, is that, like many other superheroes, more than one woman has donned the cowl. The current one is Cassandra Cain who is a complex character in herself. The original Batgirl, however,  was Barbara Gordon, Detective Gordon’s daughter. During Moore’s the Killing Joke, Joker shot her in the spine making her a paraplegic. Soon after, Barbara established herself under another alias: Oracle.

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Review: Ivan by Roxie Rivera

22907617Title: Ivan
Series: Her Russian Protector
Author: Roxie Rivera
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Night Works Books
Release Date: February  24th, 2013
Format: Ebook
Source: Amazon  (Currently Free!!!)
Pages: 111
Rating: 3 Stars

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Why I Don’t Read YA

Young Adult is a genre that has recently exploded into something far beyond what it was when I was that age. With the popularity of series such as Harry Potter, Twilight, The Immortal Instruments, etc., it seems that the YA genre has been growing exponentially both in novels written and the authors who write it.

However, I steer clear of it. Why? Well here’s my list:

Love Triangles

Nothing irritates me more than love triangles and that seems to be synonymous with the YA genre. There is so much rage I can vent out about this topic, but I am simply going to say that it is a plot tool that needs to die.

I think my biggest beef with this is because I am able to grasp that polyamory is a very real and normal thing.

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Meet the Blogger: 10 Random Fact about Me as a Gamer

10 Random Fact about Me as a Gamer

  1. JRPGs are my favorite genre (but I think the Final Fantasy series is overrated.)
  2. I enjoy watching people play video games more than I enjoy playing them.
  3. I can’t eat while playing any console.
  4. Phone games have kept me going when I have bouts of severe depression.
  5. I just recently (within the past year) was able to buy a PS3, then a PS4 shortly after that.
  6. I don’t enjoy playing MMOs.
  7. I get easily distracted while playing game and usually multitask (play a game on my PS and phone at the same time.)
  8. I can’t play FPS because my eyes aren’t strong enough.
  9. Chrono Cross is hands down my favorite game.
  10. Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Fallout Shelter are two of the best mobile games out there (free or not)!

What are some random facts about your gaming side?

❧ Arec

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