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We’ve All Been There

Saw this on my Facebook today and thought it was amusing.  As a reader , though,  it can actually be quite frustrating. I don’t know when the trend started,  but making up weird names can ruin a book for me. Also, there is a difference between using foreign names and creating your own.  Thankfully there […]
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10 Things You Should Never Say to a Devoted Romance Novel Reader

I found this interesting article over at Woman’s Day and thought my lovely readers would want to read it also. I particularly thought of Deanna over @ a novel glimpse when I read this. Here’s a quote from the article but I highly recommend you check out the whole thing.   Romance readers adore their hard-bodied heroes, […]
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Finally an MMO I can play

I don’t play MMOs. I just don’t and I have an inexhaustible list of reasons why. Final Fantasy XIV, however, seems to have broken my rule. I have mentioned before that I don’t play MMOs and I feel the Final Fantasy franchise overrated (although I still very much enjoy playing them.In fact I think I […]
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Why we need Oracle more than Batgirl

They don’t need another hero swinging around the top of Gotham kicking the snot out of villains. Those characters are a dime a dozen. There was only one Oracle. We don’t need another Batgirl. We need the Oracle.

Why I Don’t Read YA

Young Adult is a genre that has recently exploded into something far beyond what it was when I was that age. With the popularity of series such as Harry Potter, Twilight, The Immortal Instruments, etc., it seems that the YA genre has been growing exponentially both in novels written and the authors who write it. […]
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