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Cosplay Corner: Spirited Away

Always one of my favorites. Absolutely gorgeous. By yui

Cosplay Corner: Wonder Woman by Panterona

Be sure to check out her pages! She has fantastic cosplays.  Intagram  Facebook   Bonus: Candela!

I need your opinion! (Ravenclaw Scarf)

So I finsihed the Ravenclaw scarf for my cowroker but I am not sure how I feel about it. I feel like it is too wide and not long enough. I wanted to make it an infinity scarf (for which the length/width would have been fine) but my other coworker told me not. I wanted […]
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WIP Harry Potter Scarf

So I wanted to share this scarf that I am making with you all. It is a wedding present for a coworker since I can’t afford to buy anything for her. It’s suppose to be a Ravenclaw scarf, but I may turn it into an infinity scarf. Depending on how it turns out, I may […]
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Sol’s Showroom: Skull Kid Cosplay

I haven’t done a Sol’s Showroom in awhile and I am angry at myself for it. So today, right on schedule, I have a cosplay to showcase! Skull Kid by MahoCosplay both with and without Majora’s Mask. And also Tatl