Back for Seconds (Updated 12/6/2016)

Back for Seconds is a list of series I wish to continue reading in the future.

I read a lot. When I stumble across a novel I love, I take note and do some research. Many of the novels I read are part of series. However, because I have more novels than I have time to read, I refuse to buy the next in the series until I make a dent in the novels I already own.

This is a list I have compiled of series I wish to continue once I have less reading material and can afford them.

Those in green are the newest additions

Alisyn, Emma – Alpha Werewolf Mates
Anderson, Evangeline – Brides of the Kindred

Barker, Kira – The Embassy
Bell, Adrienne – Second Service
Bowell, Chastity – Dark Regency
Brux, Boone – Bringer and the Bane

Campbell, Glynnis –  The Warrior Maidens of Rivenloch
Chase, Deanna- The Jada Calhoun Series
Coz, Chloe – Club Volare

de Savoie, Lena –  Sinclair Brothers

English, Elizabeth – Borderland Brides

Ford, Lizzy- Heart of Fire

Gayle, Olivia –  Arcadia Knights
Grey, T.A.- The Untouchables

Hurley, Katherine – The Greiver’s Mark

Joyce, Tracy M. – Chronicles of Altaica

Kane, Decadent – Fated & Forbidden
Kelly, Elizabeth – Moon Series
Kitt, Selena – Highland Wolf Pact

Linde, K.A. – Take Me
Lionsdrake, Ruby – Mandrake Company
London, Sue – The Haberdashers

Marlow, Shaye – Alaskan Romance Series
Monk, Camilla – Spotless

Peitsche, Cleo – By a Dangerous Man
Petrova, Em – Boot Knockers’ Ranch

Rei, Alisha – Pleasure Series
Rivard, Rebecca – The Fada Shapeshifter
Rocha, Kit – Beyond Series
Royal, Lauren – Regency Chase Family

Wittig, Lauren – Guardians of the Targe
Wright, Cassie – Honeycomb Falls

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