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*REVISITED* Meet the Blogger: 10 Facts about Me, the Gamer

One idea I had when reworking my game plan for my blog was revisiting old posts. Whether that’s just discussing them or revamping them completely, I ultimately wanted to review said posts and see how things have changed if they have at all.

The first post I will revisit is one of my first Meet the Blogger posts titled 10 Random Facts About Me as a Gamer which I posted all the way back in August of 2015! You can still read the original post, though I may delete it as I have the original content quoted below.

So without further ado, here are 10 Facts About Me, the Gamer, Revisited!

1: JRPGs are my favorite genre (but I think the Final Fantasy series is overrated.)

RPGS are certainly still my favorite genre. If you look at my gaming library across all consoles, the genre I have the most of is RPGs. I specified JRPGs in the original because I thought those are the series I feel I have the most of. My favorite series that I own/collect include: Golden Sun, Final Fantasy, The Tale Series (Tales of Symphonia, etc.), Star Ocean, Mana Series, and Ys.

Also, while I love the FF series, I did feel it was overrated when I posted the original entry, though not so much now. Ultimately, I feel certain entries in the series are overrated rather than the series as a whole.

2: I enjoy watching people play video games more than I enjoy playing them.

This is also true. While I very much enjoy playing video games, I have more tasks than time to do them. Bottom line is I will never be able to play all the games I want as well as there are some games I am interested in but don’t necessarily want to play. Watching streamers and VODs allows me to experience games without all the stress that comes with purchasing and playing them.

3: I can’t eat while playing any console.

Eh, this is hit or miss. It honestly depends on the food. I am not exactly the cleanest eater, and there is nothing I loathe quite like the way I do greasy dirty controllers. I will only eat while gaming if it’s something I know I can keep relatively clean.

4: Phone games have kept me going when I have bouts of severe depression.

This is another one that is both true and not. While it was true at one point, I have found other ways to cope with my down days. Honestly, I don’t mobile game that much anymore due to their predatory nature, and the games I do play are usually ports like Legend of Mana and Nexomon.

5: I just recently (within the past year) was able to buy a PS3, then a PS4 shortly after that.

This was true when I posted the original entry back in 2015. I still have both my PS3 and PS4, but currently have no interest in purchasing a PS5. I am a person who likes all her eggs in one basket, so I recently started buying all my games for PC unless they are console exclusives like Pokemon.

6: I don’t enjoy playing MMOs.

I would like to say this is no longer true, but alas, I just don’t enjoy gaming with other people or the MMO environments as a whole. FFXIV and New World tend to be the exceptions because I ultimately don’t have to interact with others to enjoy the majority of the game, and they were pretty chill overall when I did.

7: I get easily distracted while playing games and usually multitask (play a game on my PS and phone at the same time.)

This is actually true for everything. It’s not necessarily that I get easily distracted. It’s just that, again, I have so many things I want or need to do that I try to multitask to accomplish more. There are things I can’t do this with, and I usually feel guilty when I do those.

8: I can’t play FPS because my eyes aren’t strong enough.

Not sure if ‘strong enough’ is the right phrase. Ultimately, my eyes just cannot keep up with shooters. I have had myopia since I was at least 8 years old and have worn contacts/glasses since 3rd grade. My eyes just aren’t made for them (FPSs).

9: Chrono Cross is hands down my favorite game.

And it probably always will be, at least next to Majora’s Mask. I have many games that I have strong feelings for, but certain ones just have a special place in my heart.

10: Final Fantasy Record Keeper and Fallout Shelter are two of the best mobile games out there (free or not)!

Definitely not. While I did enjoy them when I played them, I actually think I stopped playing them shortly after this. As with most mobile games, they either implemented too many predatory mechanics or mechanics that just overcomplicated the game. Overall, I just don’t enjoy the mobile game market anymore.

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