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Kickstarter Saturday: Once Upon An Animation II by Emma Bilby Grey

Kickstarter Saturdays is a weekly feature where I exhibit Kickstarters that have caught my attention.

Nowadays, there are few who haven’t heard of Kickstarter. I myself have back over 225 projects because I…well I am addicted. I haven’t backed a single project where I haven’t received the item exactly as promised if not better. Sure it may take months to receive said item, but when you do, it’s like Christmas. Every time I find a package on my porch, it’s (usually) a thrilling mystery to see which one it is.

It’s what showed me why people are so addicted to enamel pins as well as introduced me to a slew of new artists. It’s how I found some of my favorite authors, artists, and crafters as well as found products, ideas, and concepts I didn’t even know about.

This week spotlights a nostalgic collection of enamel pins by Emma Bilby Grey. A quick look at her profile shows seven other projects funded through Kickstarter that exhibit the same adorable style yet with a variety of subjects. Most involve flowers and animals, and there is even an Animal Crossing one!

If you missed out on those, however, she does have both an Etsy storefront called Bilby Boutique as well as their own official shop called Highland Bilby. She also has a Redbubble which can be found by visiting her IG. While each shop is filled with much beloved creatures drawn in her cute cartoon style, the products can vary slightly. Her etsy store is filled with enamel pins, stickers, acrylic charms, and other such similar items. Her official store has the same, with some addition products such as stationary and coasters. A quick look at her Redbubble shows only 7 items, a few of which can be found on her official store, but includes a MLP pillow, a boopable Border Collie tshirt, and a red panda mug. And don’t fret! Despite being a UK (Scotland) based store, she does ship elsewhere!

This KS in question, however, is the second project the artist has done of recreating older traditionally animated characters. And while the title states that it is an enamel pin collections, the KS also includes stickers, washi tape, and acrylic charms, all at pretty affordable prices.

A quick glance through the pins reveals some cult classics that, while much beloved, definitely do not received the attention they deserve. Some of my favorites were the Iron Giant, Littlefoot from The Land Before Time, and the Swan Princess Odette’s transformation. However, the one that made me pledge to it, was her Totoro one. Those who know me know that I am absolute trash for Totoro and Studio Ghibli, and Bilby’s definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Like most Kickstarters, there are other incentives to pledges. These include cheaper prices (early bird), free items included with pledges, add-ons, and Kickstarter exclusives. I managed to snag an early bird pledge for the Totoro pin making it only $10! Score!

The Kickstarter has 14 more days to go and includes many more pins that I have showcased here if you’re interested. Or if you just want to appreciate her artwork, you can follow her on IG!

If you like what you see, you can find more of Bilby in the following links.

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