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DNFs of 12/31/19

I am a bit of an anomaly in the reading community because I have zero problem DNFing a book. There are multiple reasons I do so, but mainly the bottom line is that I wasn’t enjoying them and I have zero time to waste on something I don’t enjoy. Because my curiosity usually kills me, I typically still skim through or at least read the end. However, I don’t waste time reading the whole novel.

This is my list of stories that I couldn’t read 100% this week.



1. Thunder Thighs by Evie Mitchell – A $0.99 buy that tells you exactly what you’re getting. While I was interested in a plus size romp, the inta-love (more like lust) was not my cup of tea and it was pretty aggressive in this novella. I also didn’t feel the chemistry that is supposed to be explosive between the leads, and the thunder thighs/viking aspect is thrown at the reader a lot for such a short read. It does have a HEA and the erotic scenes are pretty good though.

2. Marshmallow by Megan Wade – Another plus sized friendly read that just didn’t do it for me. Again, I felt no chemistry between the leads as they are already lusting after each other by the time they meet in person for the first time. I was also whole heartedly sick of marshmallows by the time anything happened between the leads. There were so many innuendos about them particularly in reference to the heroine’s lady bits that, after the first couple times, it wasn’t cute anymore. I think my DNF moment, however, was when the heroine started ghosting the hero because she read some nasty comments about her. As a plus size woman, I get it. Words hurt. But it was a weak attempt at creating conflict in the plot. For a plus size web personality who is supposedly an advocate for body positivity, it seemed like a pretty pathetic attempt.


3. This Christmas by Jenna Reid – Ho boy, going to try to not dwell on this one. Overall, this book just put me in a bad mood. The characters were flimsy at best. Each one had their moments to move the story, but felt more like plot devices than actual people in a story. The leads felt juvenile, and, frankly, I didn’t care if they got any sort of HEA. I actually didn’t even skip ahead to see if they got one. The story itself was also boring and cliche and the erotic scenes unspired. I could have probably pushed on if at least one of these things was good, but it was all just mediocre at best.

4. For His Eyes Only by Tamsen Parker – In all fairness, I probably could have given this one more of a go.I actually only got right past the intro before calling it quits. The author manages to shove a lot of background information in a few short pages, but they may have been the downfall of this novel. In those short pages, I came to dislike the characters more than I should have and quickly became apathetic to their story or romance. I may come back to this one later and give it more of a try. Not for awhile though.

5. Blind Beast Mate by Milana Jacks – Don’t know why I expected more from this one. Forced alien bride novels are a dime a dozen and, more often than not, they are pretty horrible. That being said, I have found some gems, so I keep torturing myself wading through the trash. This novel was pretty typical. The heroine has had such a hard life filled with abuse that even an alpha-hole alien with no sense of personal boundaries is better. The book felt rapey from the get go, so much so that I couldn’t even make it to any actual erotic scenes because it just put a bad taste in my mouth. I should have expected it based on the synopsis, but I was really hoping it would be better. I have such little patience anymore for novels where the hero is so focused on his own wants and needs and the leads have “horrible secrets” that could tear them apart. I have no one to blame but myself for negative feelings this book gave me as all the red flag were there.

2 thoughts on “DNFs of 12/31/19

    1. Thanks love. I’ve long since stopped being upset about DNFing books. There are so many out there that I can’t justify forcing myself to read one I just am not enjoying.

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