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Review: Ice Cream Castle by Clarke Collins


When uptight Eli crosses paths with world-weary Naomi, culture clash ensues. After a strained encounter, the pair later discovers that what they share in common outweighs their differences. ICE CREAM CASTLES is a May-December romance that explores grief, understanding, and acceptance, with a passionate twist. It will leave you wanting more.

An engaging short read that can be read in one sitting, Ice Cream Castles is a powerful yet subtle read. The author should be commended for the ease at which she weaves a tale and makes it real. Her characters are so lifelike, that the reader feels they personally know them and they come off as old friends.

The story itself begins inconspicuously enough. It almost doesn’t even come off as a romance, which works in its favor. Most romances glamorize every situation, even if it’s negative. In Ice Cream Castles, Eli and Naomi definitely do not meet under ideal circumstances and the author doesn’t try to glamorize it. Instead, their adult behavior and communication ultimately brings them together. While their relationship isn’t perfect, it is just as touching and brings as much heat.

Overall, Ice Cream Castles is a well written interracial romance with a mature feel and depth both of story and characters. Those searching for different kind of a romance should add this to their TBR list.


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