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Review: Spellbinding His Ranger by Shannon Pemrick


When Mercedes isn’t turning wrenches for her family’s classic car restoration business, she’s logging into her favorite MMO and losing herself in adventures with friends. With no luck on the dating scene thanks to a cybernetic enhancement, she’s ready to throw in the towel and focus on her passions.

But her closest friend, Takashi, keeps her from quitting on love just yet. Could he be the one to look past her artificial flaw and show her what it means to be cared for?

Family and the most popular MMO in existence are Takashi’s life. He’s found his business calling in the in-game economics that seamlessly meshes with the real world. But after meeting a fiery blonde named Mercedes through a guildmate, he found his interests slowly broadening.

Can he convince her he can look past her cybernetic and see the real her, or will he lose her for good when life tries to sabotage his efforts at every turn?

A beautifully developed LitRPG, Spellbinding His Ranger is everything you didn’t know you needed. It is a novel headed by a strong female lead, accompanied by an eclectic cast of secondary characters, with a romance with real chemistry, and enough culture references to please any nerd.

First and foremost, Mercedes is a powerful female lead. It is difficult not to like her. Not only is she intelligent, independent, and loving, she is flawed. To some, she would be considered disabled with her bionic arm. While she doesn’t let this ruin her life, it does give her some trouble, particularly with how others perceive her. That doesn’t stop the hero from loving her. The hero himself is a perfect match for his heroine with his intelligent, open mind, and a big heart and should be commended for encapsulating nontoxic masculinity.

The rest of the cast is equally as dynamic as the heroine. The inclusion and representation of multiple subjects are weaved in subtly rather than throwing it in the reader’s face. The characters are racially, sexually, and abley diverse but it flows seamlessly with the story.

The nerdy aspect completes this novel perfectly. For those who know and understand all the jargon specific to the nerd culture may find the author’s explanation of said jargon can be long winded and tedious and unnecessary but others may appreciate the education.
Overall, Spellbinding His Ranger is the powerfully perfect LitRPG romance that we all have been waiting for.

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