Storm in A Teacup

Storm in a Teacup: Rude


Saw this in an ad for a game called King’s Knight and was immediately sadden and angered.

As someone who plays a lot of mobile games, mainly RPGs, it upsets me to see pretentious words such as this. People have such close-minded opinions about mobile games that are, honestly, unfounded.

Mobile games are held to a much lower standard than console/PC games and, apparently, you are not allowed to call yourself a gamer if you play mobile games. This completely ignores the fact that there are games on the android/ios markets that are just as complex and developed as some console games.

Unfortunately, I feel like mobile games are shoved into this repetitive mold. Most mobile games are free to play with pay to play aspect while also adding in a grind aspect to drag out the longevity of said games.  People expect phone games to be free, ignoring the hard work and time the developers put into this game. But people are always expecting free handouts right? Then they become mad at those who actually spend money to further their experience in the game, not taking into account that this is how the developer earn their money.

There really is no happy medium. People are unwilling to spend money to buy a mobile game but then expect the free games to be on par with those that require purchase.

The bottom line is that mobile games ARE games. Look at some original video games. Pong.  Pac-Man. Mario? There are phone games far more complex. I understand that we are in a completely different era of video games, but no one questioned games like Tetris when they were released. Games are meant to be enjoyed, regardless of their presentation. They shouldn’t have to fit into this preconceived unofficial mold held up by nobodies who think their opinion bear weight on the industry. Just let people enjoy things.

❧ Arec


by Adam Ellis


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