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Review: Withholding Nothing by Victoria Bright


The girl code “Chicks before d*cks” should include that no friend can steal another friend’s boyfriend—or marry them.

When Ashton Carter’s “good idea at the time” revenge plan lands her in hot water, she never expected to see her ex again—especially in court. A few thousand dollars in damages later, she snags a job as a phone sex operator and seeks out a roommate to help fund her “stay out of jail” expenses. Having a roommate should’ve been helpful—except when they turn out to be the hot, yet douchebag mechanic working on her car.

When Ashton learns that her new roommate has been the sexy phone sex caller, lines begin to blur between real life and fantasy. It was supposed to be a no-strings-attached situation; neither of them were ready for love again. When a surprise visit from an ex shakes their forming foundation with an ultimatum, Ashton is forced to face the truth of her feelings and make a choice. With her budding relationship and livelihood at stake, Ashton has to untangle the lines of reality and fantasy in a last ditch effort to protect her heart.

A laugh out loud erotic romance filled with interesting characters, this novel truly withholds nothing. In the beginning we are introduced to Ashton who, to be quite honest, is a hot mess. Unable to cope with a recent break up with longtime boyfriend, despite him being human garbage, Ashton tries to down her sorrow in alcohol and ends up wrecking her car. Enter hot mechanic O’Shea who pushes her buttons from the minute they meet! O’Shea is also running from a bad breakup, from a girlfriend who did not consider him good enough to marry. Hoping to start anew, his plans didn’t involve someone new, but their chemistry won’t be denied.

While Ashton and O’Shea do have chemistry, the majority of it is in their banter. Once the dirty talk and actual sex scenes start, it felt…anticlimactic. The scenes should have felt hot enough to catch the kindle on fire. Instead, it felt more like the scene was just going through the motions. The scenes were numerous and explicit, and yet, generic. That being said, Ashton and O’Shea worked well together and helped each other heal, working towards a better place as they left their toxic exes behind. They are accompanied by a vast cast of characters who are as diverse as they a frustrating and multidimensional and unapologetic. Withholding Nothing is humorous, hot, and heartwarming. Whether you are looking for a good contemporary love story or just need a distraction, this novel is worth adding to your TBR shelf.

❧ Arec

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