Tragic Suicide in Kpop

I recently learned that Jong Hyun of SM entertainment’s SHINee committed suicide. I wish I had words for the devastation I feel right now. Unfortunately, there are no words. SHINee means a lot to me not just because they were my first real Kpop group and Jong Hyun was my first bias. SHINee was there for me for a what I consider one of the worst times of my life.  When my entire world was crashing around me, SHINee was there to keep me grounded and find myself again.

So when my friend posted an article link on my facebook about it, I was in serious denial. Even as I write this, I can’t bring myself to think too deeply about it or research it. My heart is broken. To me, and I know countless others, Jong Hyun was more than just a kpop artist. He had a profound impact on my life and me as person.

You will be missed more than you could possibly imagine, Jong Hyun. Thank you for everything.


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