Day: June 5, 2017

Review: Snow’s Seduction #1 by Kristin Miller

Hair black as a raven’s coat, skin as white as snow, lips as read as, blabitty-blah, blah, blah. If one more person calls me sweet and innocent, I’m losing my head. I’ve got more pressing matters to think about. Like the fact that our… Continue Reading “Review: Snow’s Seduction #1 by Kristin Miller”

Review: How to Ruin Your Reputation in 10 Days by Harmony Williams

In 1814 London, England, a lady is defined as a demure, delicate flower. Miss Francine Annesley is not that lady. If men were like plants, she would have a garden of admirers to choose from instead of the thorn in her side since childhood,… Continue Reading “Review: How to Ruin Your Reputation in 10 Days by Harmony Williams”

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