Historical Romance Sales Blitz Day 4

Historical Sale Blitz

I’m so excited about this series sale!

To celebrate the sale, authors Robyn DeHart, Ally Broadfield, and Harmony Williams are spending the week with us! Today they’re sharing with us the toughest scene they’ve written.

What has been your toughest scene to write?

Ally Broadfield (author of the How To series): The black moment of every book is the hardest to write for me. You spend all that time following two people, watching them slowly fall in love, and then something bad happens, or one or both of them does something monumentally stupid, then they undo all the hard work you did getting them together. With every book, I’m always afraid they won’t be able to find their way back together.

Harmony Williams (author of The Ladies of Passion series): The end of the book. Pick one and I can assure you that I’ve rewritten it at least once. All the unfinished manuscripts on my hard drive can attest that I have a lot more practice with beginnings than I do with endings. It may take a few tries but eventually I get it right!

Robyn DeHart (Author of The Brotherhood of the Sword series): I had to study up on fencing for a couple of scenes in Eloping With the Princess, those were pretty tough.

Start the How To series, by Ally Broadfield, with How to Beguile a Duke.

Start the Ladies of Passion series, by Harmony Williams, with How to Play the Game of Love.

Start the Brotherhood of the Sword series by Robyn DeHart, with Undercover with the Earl.

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