My Dream Loot Crate

Many if not most people have heard of Loot Crate. For those of you haven’t, Loot Crate is the leading monthly subscription box that specifically caters to gamers and other such geeks.

Recently I was contacted by  Loot Crate because they wants to know what fans would do if they had the ability to design the subscription crate theme of their dreams.

The theme I chose to go with is Leading Ladies…

  1. The book that Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle is based off of. Wonderful novel.
  2.  First volumes for Ms. Marvel: No Normal and Captain Marvel: Rise of Alpha Flight
  3. Sailor Moon bookmark
  4. Wonder Woman key ring
  5. Tifa Lockhart keychain
  6. Princess Zelda journal
  7. Riply and Hicks shirt


What about you? What you would you put in your own dream loot crate?



I was going to add the following Lord of the Rings t-shirt, but I already have the hoodie so I didn’t think it was fair. But I still wanted to share it with you all because it’s such a great design.


I am no man




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