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TV Review: When a Snail Falls in Love


Wang Kai (Nirvana in Fire) and Wang Zi Wen (Aftershock) star in a romantic thriller that shows crime doesn’t take time off for love. Ji Bai (Wang Kai) is a well-respected detective. Xu Xu (Wang Zi Wen) is a new criminal profiler. Together, they seem like an awkward teacher-student pairing. But in reality, they are actually one of the most competent duos in the Major Crimes Team, solving one case after another. In the time they spend together, Ji Bai begins to fall in love with the rookie under his wing. Unfortunately, when it comes to matters of the heart, the usually brilliant Xu Xu is slow as a snail. But just when it looks like Xu Xu is finally beginning to care for Ji Bai the way he cares for her, a notorious and dangerous criminal dubbed the “Angel’s Killer” reappears after a long period of dormancy. Can the star duo decide exactly where they are in their relationship and catch the dangerous criminal, or will the Angel’s Killer be crossing these two Cupids off his list?

When a Snail Falls in Love is based on the novel “Ru Guo Wo Niu You Ai Qing” by Ding Mo. The original story is adapted for the screen by Zhu Zhu, produced by Hou Hong Liang and directed by Zhang Kai Zhou.

~taken from Dramafever


I have never felt the need to write a review for a show…until now. I don’t often mention my love of Kpop and Korean culture, but it is something I have been a fan of for almost a decade now. In fact, I have been a fan of Asain culture for as long as I can remember.

When it comes to Asian dramas, I tend to stick to the lighter, fluffier romantic comedies. I use dramas as a way to get away from the stress of the world so the shows I do watch don’t require a lot of thought nor do I become emotionally invested. I had been on the fence about watching When a Snail Falls in Love but when my fiance saw a commercial for it and said it looked good, I decided to watch it with him.

When a Snail Falls in Love is a romantic action crime thriller that follows a team of police people as they set out to bring down a murderer and a notorious crime lord known for human and drug trafficking. Sounds simple enough, but this case is far more complicated than they could have anticipated.

Ji Bai is a well respected detective who is both intelligent and skilled in martial arts. Xu Xu is a rookie criminal profiler whose ability to read a person is as uncanny as it is accurate. Together, they bring out the best in each other as they push each other to grow and be the best they can. when-a-snail-falls-in-love-1560x872.jpg

I have never become addicted to show so quickly. WASFIL is one of the first Chinese dramas I have watched. The episodes are only approx. 30 minutes long compared to the hour long episodes typical to the Korean dramas I usually watch; and each one left me hungry for more, so much so that I found myself watching half the entire season in one sitting. I was suppose to watch it with my fiance but I couldn’t be patient enough to wait for him, I was so captivated.

The show may be advertised as a romantic crime drama, but the romance definitely took a backseat to the action/thriller aspect. I came for the romance, I stayed for the action. It took one episode for me to become engrossed in the story line.

_storage_emulated_0_sina_weibo_weibo_img-960a9aa1f0769b2991ff0970ce985470_zpsm9uhloqpI am not used to such intricate writing in Asian dramas, so I was blown away by the both the depth of the story/world and the complexity of the characters. Every character, regardless of how big or small their role, was well written with a personality all their own. The actors did an amazing job bringing their characters to life and making them feel like real tangible people.

What really got me, however, was the story line. I felt that each episode brought something new to the table, keeping the story as interesting as it was complex. They did not have to be huge plot devices either. While the show did have its drama, sometimes it was more subtle rather than in your face and over the top. The romances did develop, but they felt natural and realistic. There was no insta-  or one side love. And while the male lead was respected by his love interest, she did not hero worship him.

A dynamic show with a talented cast and story full of twists that left me craving more, When a Snail Falls in Love is show you don’t want to miss out on (and you can watch it on Dramafever and Viki for free!). I know Asians aren’t big on multiple seasons, but I have never wanted a season 2 for a show more in my life. This show made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me hold my breath as I sat on the edge of my seat. This show really does have it all, from romance to action, from comedy to suspense. The only downside is having to read the subtitles! But, let’s be honest, I am used to it by now. If they truly bothered me, I wouldn’t watch Dramafever as much as I do. images

I have actually done research and learned this show is based off of a novel. It is not officially translated but a group of diligent fans has been translating it for us. I have heard that the novel is more romance heavy, so I you can believe I am going to check it out and hope that possibly in the near future, there will be an official English adaptation.

❧ Arec

2 thoughts on “TV Review: When a Snail Falls in Love

  1. This drama isn’t from Korea though, it’s from China. You should check out “Love Me If You Dare” if you like this one, it’s by the same author and Wang Kai is in it too, but not as the lead.

    1. I know it’s Chinese, that’s why I referred to it as an Asain drama. I just mentioned kpop in the first paragraph because that’s usually what I watch. The only other Chinese drama I have watched was Les Interpretes, and, while I did enjoy it, I find I watch Korean a lot more.
      I don’t think I would mind Wang Kai not being the lead, honestly. I enjoyed his acting but I feel he could be just as good as a supporting character. This is the first drama that’s affected me enough that I’ve wanted to write a review so I will have to check that one out of it’s by the same author.

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