Happy Birthday Seducing the Sun Fae!

In honor of its first birthday, Seducing the Sun Fae by Rebecca Rivard is on sale free on all vendors until May 31st!  If you haven’t read my review for the first in this amazing series, you can do so here  and be sure to pick up your free copy!

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Teaser SSF May 2016.png

Here are some fun little facts from the author herself!

1. Seducing the Sun Fae started out as a sexy short story. (The sexy part probably doesn’t surprise you. <g>) In fact, the whole series started with this kernel of an idea: a shapeshifter kidnaps a fae queen. But why? And who were these two characters? My short story kept getting longer and longer–and before I knew it I was writing a whole series.

2. Little Merry Jones (Rui and Valeria’s adopted daughter) was never in the first draft of Claiming Valeria. But now I can’t imagine the story without her.

3. Tiago do Rio in Tempting the Dryad started out as a side character, but he captured my imagination, grew as a man, and ended up needing his own HEA. And who better than Alesia, a wild, lonely dryad living on an island right smack in the middle of Rock Run River Fada territory…?

4. Isleen and Lir in Lir’s Lady grew out of a prequel set in Ireland that hasn’t been published yet. (I know, I know…I probably shouldn’t be publishing these out of order, but they’re standalones.) By the way, stay tuned for the prequel, which features Dion’s mother and father. Psst: Dion senior is hot!

5. The word fada means “fae” in Portuguese. (It’s pronounced fah-duh.)

6. And to answer my #1 most-asked question: Yes, Adric (alpha of the Baltimore shifters) is going to get his own novel–I’m already making notes! It’s going to be part of a 3-novel miniseries featuring the Baltimore shifters. Look for the first one in late 2016.



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