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Review: Kynan (Regisville Tales #2) by Desirae Grove

29213428Title: Kynan
Series: The Regiville Tales #2
Author: Desirae Grove
Genre:  Paranormal Romance
Release Date:  February 16th 2016
Format: Ebook
Source:  ARC from Author
Rating:  3 stars

This is the second book from The Regiville Tales, a series of full-length novels by Desirae Grove. Each book in this series can be read as a stand-alone, with its own HEA and no cliffhangers!

Elysa Jordan is a feisty and adventurous college student. She’s curvy and never shy about it, and no man has ever been able to resist her charms. Except for one: Kynan Gattesky. He insists they can’t be together, yet he seems crazy about her.

Their on and off romance has been driving her nuts, and even Elysa is no longer sure if Kye is the right man for her. She sets out to seduce him one last time, but what happens on that fateful night unravels a whole sequence of events entirely out of her control…and puts her life in grave danger.

Kynan Gattesky has never thought he would fall for a human woman. His family has warned him – werepanthers and other creatures do not mix well. But Elysa is not someone he can get out of his mind easily. Every time he’s around her, his common sense flies out the window. And when her life is jeopardized by a series of unfortunate poor decisions, he must rescue her, at all costs.

Will Kye and Elysa manage to get away from the dangers of Regiville paranormal world? And will their growing love survive it all?



I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.


I genuinely liked Theo so Kynan turned out to be a bit of disappointment. While the plot and world were interesting, the characters just weren’t up to snuff.

Elysa was one of the more obnoxious female protagonists I have read.  I liked that she had flaws and felt human, but I didn’t like her as a person. I found her whiny and needy and bit too self-important. Kynan felt the typical self-loathing shifter who refuses to let himself love. Together, they are recipe for a migraine and teeth grinding frustrating. They aren’t the only ones. In Theo, we are introduced to a variety of characters, but they serve only to be introduced and we don’t really get a feel for them. In Kynan, we are forced to deal with their equally repellant personalities.

If you can get past the characters, you are rewarded with a rich mythological world filled with every creature you can imagine. I loved Grove’s portrayal of each and that she stuck to their original mythologies while adding a bit of her own to give it an authentic feel. The plot also wasn’t overly complicated, but I am a sucker for the old fashioned “defeat the evil witch” plot.

I also feel like all of Grove’s stories start the same: there is a lot of telling instead of showing and we are treated to long descriptions about things we don’t care about. I didn’t her to describe every single character in detail to me to enjoy the rest of the story. Once the action gets started, however, the story really gets moving.

Overall, Kynan can be a frustrating read. I had to walk away a couple times. The characters are barely bearable, and the plot is far from complex. The beginning can be a bit of work to actually get through, but once the plot comes into play, it’s an interesting read. The best part is the mythology and magic.


❧ Arec

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