Blogging Buddies

I wanted you all the see my blogging buddies because they were being super cute tonight!
imageThe snake in the picture to the right is Ah Mu (Ah Muzen Cab) after the Mayan god of bees and honey. That is because he is a cinnamon lesser bee ball python. In the picture, he is literally laying on himself sleeping on my shoulder.

The second picture is of Persephone who is a red tail boa that we rescued. When we got her, her owner had her in a Rubbermaid container with nothing else. No water, no cave, nothing. She was starving because he hadn’t fed her in weeks and she had a prolapsed sphincter.  You can definitely tell from her behavior that she has been abused. Even though we have had her for months, this was the first time she has really chilled out on my shoulders like our other snakes (we have 5 btw). She was much more relaxed and I feel she is getting to a better place after her previous owner.



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