10 Things You Should Never Say to a Devoted Romance Novel Reader

I found this interesting article over at Woman’s Day and thought my lovely readers would want to read it also. I particularly thought of Deanna over @ a novel glimpse when I read this. Here’s a quote from the article but I highly recommend you check out the whole thing.


Romance readers adore their hard-bodied heroes, happy endings, and being swept up into a great love story. But, many fans feel they are constantly going up against people who disapprove of their reading material. “It bothers me when people assume all romance is trash,” says Ana Ivies, avid reader and reviewer at Ana’s Attic Book Blog. “And many people still think of romance as bodice rippers with Fabio on the cover.” Here are some of the other worst things you can say to a romantic-fiction aficionado.


Ouch. Many brilliant women like to cast their worries to the wind and dive into a good novel. “This statement is offensive to romance readers because it exemplifies how our society still tends to denigrate entertainment aimed solely at women,” says Barna W. Donovan, PhD, an expert on fan behavior, and professor in the Department of Communication and Media Culture at Saint Peter’s University, New Jersey. “It implies that female pleasures are somehow inferior and art created expressly for women is somehow less worthy of respect.”

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