Bath & Body Works Tag

A big thanks to Deanna @ a novel glimpse . She always tags me for the coolest post! This time it’s the Bath and Body WorksTag.   While I love their products, I can only use so many because I am actually allergic to certain ones (not to mention they destroy my pH balance giving me infections…)

But on to happier things!

Pure Paradise – A book that was pure perfection 2940152540796_p0_v1_s192x300

Crimson Sky by Amy Braun is a novel I recently finished that was amazing! It’s technically listed as YA, which I loathe, but the writing is so top notch I didn’t even notice. It does have some blatant YA tropes though like female messiah and love triangle.

Sweet Pea – A romance/contemporary you really enjoyed


I don’t read much contemporary romance. I was trying to think of one I have read recently but I realized they were all paranormal.  This is the most recent contemporary novel that I actually enjoyed.

Fresh Strawberries – A book you really enjoyed that came out this year


I know this isn’t a novel, but this is an amazing book. For someone who wants to get into soapmaking, this book was a godsend. I highly recommend it.

Warm Vanilla – A character and/or book that made you feel all warm inside


I don’t know where these novels have been all my life but I turned to goo over the characters. Highly HIGHLY recommend.



Paris Amour – A couple you majorly ship together


Hades and Persephone is my ultimate ship. I feel like it’s cheating but hey, mythology counts. Found this image here.


Dancing Waters – A book that takes place on the beach/ the perfect beach read


I really have no idea. I can’t think of any beyond Two Cabin One Lake. Does that count as a beach?

I Heart Cake (and Books) – your favorite book


Can’t do it. I am going to say Night Watch Series by Sergei Lukyanenko.

Winter Candy Apple – A book set during Christmas or winter


Even though I read it forever ago, this is the only book I can think of that happens in winter.

Beautiful Day – A book with an unusual/interesting/appealing setting


I thoroughly enjoy Setta Jay’s Guardian of the Realm world. I found it interesting.

Dazzling Diamonds – A beautiful cover


You look at those covers and tell me they aren’t gorgeous! I also have a huge nerd boner for space though so…there’s that.


And now for the tags:


You have already done it, cool! No pressure to do it if you haven’t though.

6 thoughts on “Bath & Body Works Tag

    • It’s one of my favorite series. I highly recommend it to someone who likes fantasy and thought provoking literature since there is actually a lot of philosophy involved.

    • I have been trying to make the books I use for these tags more diverse since I noticed I tend to reuse the same ones over and over. If you read any of them you should let me know what you think.

      I love mythology and tend to count them when I talk about books. Hades and Persephone are one of my favorite couples handsdown.

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